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About us

Ann Made Wholesale will be showing at the following
gifts shows:
San Francisco Gift Show Feb 2014
Chicago Gift Show Jan 2014
Los Angeles Gift Show 
Atlanta IDS
And maybe a few more...
Please contact us for more detailed information and other show 
information not listed here.  
Our studio is open by appointment 
located at in Burbank, Ca.

This is our Company CDO (Cheif Dog Officer).  
She gets the final say in all company decisions.

We accept all Major credit cards.              

Retail events for 2012 - 2013:    
Hermosa Beach Fiesta Days both Memorial & Labor Day weekends.  
2012 Studio Open House in December the days leading 
up to Christmas from  12-5pm. Please contact us for details.

On the set promoting with KCET in 2012
On set with KCET in 2012 promoting Ann Made Candles.

Candle safety is important!    

Burning Instructions: All candles require their wick to 
be trimmed to a  maximum of a ¼” inch. This is needed to 
eliminate soot and prevent the  candle from melting too fast. 
I always trim the wick prior to lighting with  scissors. 
Please remember that it is best to not burn candles in a 
draft,  never burn near flammable objects and always burn 
between 2 to 6 hours for  best results.    

Candles are not toys and should not be allowed near children 
or pets.     

Please enjoy the illuminating fragrant experience of 
Ann Made Candles  responsibly.    


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